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Coral Cove Golf Course

The Coral Cove Golf Course

Situated on the rocky foreshore and at the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Coral Cove Golf Resort winds it’s way through the beautiful estate of Coral Cove in the Wide Bay-Burnett Shire, 4 hours North of Brisbane. Just a short 15 minutes from Bundaberg and a 10 minute drive from Bargara, we feel the Coral Cove Golf Resort is one of the best!

Hole 1

An easy 1st hole to begin the round. The green is reachable from the tee but with OOB left and right and plenty of bunkers guarding the green. The percentage play is an iron from the tee for a good chance at birdie. Driver can be an easy birdie or a double bogey or worse so be smart.

Hole 2

The 2nd is our signature hole. A 203 metre Par 3 from the Blue Tees that is played alongside the Pacific Ocean. Gets extremely windy as you can imagine. A large green from front to back but not very wide. Hazard left and bunkers right are there to catch you out. A bail out area exists with a large slope right of the green which can propel your ball back toward the hole. A very tough hole but one of the most picturesque holes you will ever see.

Hole 3

A short, doglet right Par 4 where you can be aggressive and chase a birdie. For the longer hitters a driver over the corner bunkers can leave a simple chip or even a putt. Beware of the OOB left and long, the water on the right to catch the stray slice, and the many bunkers than line the fairway. For the shorter hitters, play to the left of the corner bunkers and leave a straight forward pitch into the flat but quick green.

Hole 4

Tricky Par 4 with OOB down the right off the tee and hazard all the way up the left. Hole tightens around 80 metres to the green so a drive that leaves you with about 100 metres to go is ideal. Be careful with the approach as water surrounds the green left, right and long.

Hole 5

Another short but tricky Par 4 where a birdie is waiting but a bogey or worse is lurking! Player’s need to carry the water hazard’s off the tee to find the fairway, but beware of the hazard left, OOB further left, and the fairway bunker on the right. Once on the fairway, an accurate short iron approach to a slightly elevated green is needed to stick the ball near the pin.

Hole 6

A straight away Par 5 that goes ever so slighty uphill, with a hazard running up the left side. A strong drive from the longer hitters and they have a chance to reach the green in 2. For everyone else, lay up to inside 100 metres and hit a wedge in. Distance control is very important as a shot landing short will not bounce on and a shot landing past the pin will roll through the back of the green and into deep rough.

Hole 7

A tough Par 4 that generally is played straight into a strong wind. OOB all the way up the left, trees up the right. A straight drive is needed to leave as stress free approach as possible. Looks like an easy 2nd shot but don’t be fooled. Bunkers on either side of the green, and a tricky chip shot from every side. Par here is a great score.

Hole 8

An excellent Par 3 that requires an accurate shot to hit the green. Water short, right, and long to catch the stray ball and the wind is generally into and from the right. Distance control is of premium importance here. Take par and run to the next!

Hole  9

540m Par 5 with water greeting players on the left and right sides of the hole all the way to the green. Rated the toughest hole on the course where every shot needs to be planned and executed. The hole normally plays right into the teeth of the wind adding an extra 50 metres to the hole. 3 accurate shots are required to find the green here. Birdie is a bonus on this hole.

Hole 10

A good chance for birdie on this 120 metre Par 3. An accurate shot should leave a short putt but beware of the water all the way around the green and the bunker long and right that is waiting for your loose shots!

Hole 11

The 11th hole is a straight 354m Par 4. Looks easy enough from the tee. A good tee shot will leave a good opportunity for a birdie but OOB left and right, and hazards left await. 2nd shot is to an elevated green that runs back to front. Don’t go long!

Hole 12

The 12th is a 635 metre Par 6. The only rated Par 6 in Australia. An elevated tee shot to a fairway that is split with a water hazard 300 metres from the tee. A good drive and 2nd shot will leave you a chance to hit the green with your 3rd shot and have an oppurtunity at an eagle. Beware of the gums that line the fairway, OOB left and the gardens short of the green. If you miss the green, a very tricky chip shot awaits to this elevated green. A good chance to make an eagle or birdie but also a good chance to blow a good round.

Hole 13

A very picturesque Par 4 with the tall gums, creek running through the fairway into a lake on the left and gardens surrounding the green. A strong and accurate drive is needed to have a chance at par. The 2nd shot is challenging as it is played uphill to an elevated green and is generally into a strong wind. Take at least 2 extra clubs if you want to hit the green. Par on this hole is a good score.

Hole 14

A very difficult Par 3 that has a long skinny green. 195 metres off the Blue Tees. If you hit this green, you are doing well. An elevated green that runs from back to front and is extremely difficult to chip to unless you are right in front of the green. Make par here and dance to the next tee.

Hole 15

A strong Par 5 that normally plays into the wind off the tee. A slight dogleg right off the tee then a severe dogleg left to the green hidden behind bush. Hazard runs all the way down the left of the hole and OOB all the way down the right. Smart play is to hit your drive to the corner, then your 2nd shot to 80-120 metres and a wedge onto the green. Again the green is elevated and if you miss it you will struggle to chip the ball close. Beware of the fairway bunker around the 100 metre mark, the water behind the left of the green and the bunker on the right of the green. A good chance for birdie, but a good chance for a high number as well.

Hole 16

The 16th is a 121 metre Par3 with a false front. Club selection is the key to getting your golf ball on the same level as the flag. Normally into the wind. Miss the green and get ready to write 4 on the card, or worse.

Hole 17

Another short Par 3 with the prevalent wind out of the left. Not too much to this hole. A good mid to short iron should see you with a chance at birdie. Hazard left and OOB right lurk to catch the stray ball while the green can be quick if you are above the hole.

Hole 18

The 18th is a fantastic finishing hole. A 375 metre Par 4 that is generally into the wind, water hazards left and right, and also splitting the fairway at 275 metres from the tee. A good drive is required and an even better 2nd shot needed to have a chance at par. Water, water everywhere on this closing hole.

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